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Is Your Relationship Suffering From Lack of Emotional Intimacy or Sex?

Denver Sex Therapy Can Help Repair and Rebuild.

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Is Sexual or Emotional Intimacy Lacking?

If you are searching for Denver Sex Therapy, then you have probably felt like things weren’t right for a while now. Couples may have intimacy issues, both sexual and emotional, for a variety of reasons. And nothing can rock your confidence in your relationship quite like knowing that something fundamental is lacking. Most of the couples that we see have some sort of intimacy issues, because it’s hard not to when you don’t feel close any longer. The problem is that those issues can become their own issues. The fights about communication or finances seem to come back to sex. The person who wants more sex is miserable, and the person who either has less desire or has some barriers to sex feels miserable as well. It becomes a battle between having sex to improve the relationship, or improving the relationship before having sex. 

And no one wins.

Regardless of your reasons for seeking Denver Sex Therapy, we are glad you’re here. One of the reasons that sexual and emotional intimacy are so difficult to repair on your own is that it truly is a complicated issue. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is a problem to be solved. But, the good news is that Kat can help you to understand and approach these issues in a way that makes sense and gives you the feeling of progress and hope that you are longing for.

Denver Sex Therapy Addresses the following:

  • Lack of Sex, Different Levels of Sexual Desire
  • Emotional Barriers to Sex Such As Fights & Distance
  • Performance Issues: Erectile Dysfunction, Pain with Intercourse, Difficulty Orgasming
  • Injuries To Intimacy Such as Affairs or Trust Issues
  • A Vague Feeling of Sexual or Emotional Intimacy Avoidance
  • Lack of Time or Space to Be Intimate (Schedules, Stress, Kids)
  • Fertility Struggles That Took The Joy From Sex
  • Medical Issues That Affect Desire and Ability: Hysterectomy, Cancer, Sick Children
  • Past Trauma From Abuse

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you can see that it’s easy for a couple to struggle with more than one of these things at once. Please don’t struggle alone in this.

How Can Denver Sex Therapy Help?

Speaking with a trained sex therapist is like bringing in a professional to consult with you about what needs to happen. The first thing that we’ll do is talk about what’s going on, how you got there, and figure out what all of the pieces to your particular jigsaw puzzle are. Oftentimes, it isn’t about the sex itself, but about the barriers to having sex or feeling intimate enough emotionally to make sex happen. If you think of sex as a barometer for how the relationship is doing, then you can see that creating a plan to strengthen the relationship which includes addressing intimacy issues is the way to go.

We’ll Talk About Sex, but We Won’t Make it All About Sex

You may both feel a little worried about talking to a sex therapist about sexual and emotional intimacy. If you are the higher desire partner, you might worry that your partner will get the message that they just have to put up, and that’s not what you want. You may worry that you’ll be made to feel bad for missing sex when your partner doesn’t seem to be focused on the physical aspect. If you are a lower desire partner, the last thing you’ll want is a message that you need to just fulfill your partner’s needs at your own expense. And if desire level is only part of the issue, then both of you may feel that over-focusing on the physical aspect of the issue will either blow it up or minimize the other important things that you struggle with. These are all normal concerns, and good couples therapy for sexual and emotional intimacy is not supposed to make you feel pressured, shamed, or ignored. We’ll look at all of what’s going on and create a plan together for what’s important to you, and how you want that to look. It isn’t just about sex, but feeling emotionally distant or lacking sex altogether is one of the most worrisome problems a couple can face.

Emotional Intimacy

Perhaps you can still connect physically, but you know that you don’t quite feel as emotionally connected as you could. Maybe you actually can put your finger on what is getting in the way of that. Built in to the process of addressing intimacy is a foundation of looking at your emotional bond. That’s what Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists like us do. Without a solid feeling of emotional intimacy, security, and trust, not much else can grow. If your need for emotional intimacy isn’t addressed, it’s likely to turn into a lack of physical connection as well. This is why we see this as the heart of what we do. When you combine Emotionally Focused Therapy with Sex Therapy, you can reach levels of healing and freedom that you have always wanted.

A Note About Sexual Dysfunction: Do You Need a Sex Therapist?

Kat Mindenhall, LCSW, offers sex therapy for issues that go beyond the  general lack of sexual or emotional intimacy that can occur in your relationship. Kat treats a wider range of sexual and intimacy issues and dysfunction. Some of these things include the more physiological/biological aspects of sex such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, and out of control sexual behavior (which many people would think of as sexual addiction). She is also works in a sex positive and affirming way with BDSM, Poly, and Kink clients.

If you are suffering from lack of sex in your relationship any one of our Emotionally Focused Couples Therapists can help. When you need a Sex Therapist who specializes in sexual issues and works with a broader population, Kat can help. For clients who are seeing another one of our counselors, they will often have sessions with Kat as well to augment their treatment in arenas that need the specialized focus and the input of a sex therapist.  This is a collaborative approach led by your couples therapist to fully support all of the areas you need to address, much like a doctor may refer you to a dermatologist for a second opinion. So, no matter which therapist you choose at A Peaceful Life Counseling, you can still benefit from Denver Sex Therapy, whether it is through therapist to therapist collaboration, or direct work with Kat in addition to your therapist.

So What’s Next?

If you are looking for Denver Sex Therapy, and you’d like to learn more about the approaches we can offer you, we offer a free half hour consultation, a fifteen minute introductory phone call. Call (720) 443-1947 or visit our contact form.

Proud to offer couples counseling to the GLBT community

We honor the diversity in all relationships and proudly serve the LGBT community in all of its beauty.

Do you think you could be in an abusive relationship?

Physically violent relationships need a different approach because violence prevents both partners from being able to safely and openly address issues together in couples counseling. This does not mean you cannot get help! You may wonder whether you are in a violent or abusive relationship and whether you could come to counseling alone or with your partner. Set up a confidential, free phone consultation to help you identify and discuss your options for couples counseling.

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