How Does Couples Therapy For One Work?

How does couples therapy for one work? Have You Ever Wondered Whether You Can Go To Couples Counseling Alone?

Our last post about What to Do if Your Partner Won’t go to Couples Therapy  raised some great discussion online and offline about whether or not you can go to couples therapy by yourself. In my practice I have seen just one partner for couples therapy with great results.

Instead of creating a blog post devoted to how and why couples therapy for one can work, I created a page on the website for it because it’s something that many folks wonder about. Find out how couples therapy for one is similar to couples therapy with two, and get some answers to common objections that you may have about going to couples therapy by yourself.

So feel free to read about Couples Therapy for One, and leave a comment below about what your own thoughts are! Do you think it’s a good idea? Have you ever tried it? Wanted to try it, but didn’t know if it would be a good idea?

If you wonder how does couples therapy for one work, contact us to discuss whether couples therapy for one could be a viable option for you.