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One of You is Leaning Toward Divorce.

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We Help Couples On The Brink Decide Whether to Divorce or Repair a Broken Marriage/Partnership.

Denver Divorce Counseling: Decide Whether to Divorce or Repair

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You are looking for Denver Divorce Counseling, and you are probably consumed by the painful emotions of misery, heartache, and fear in trying to decide whether to divorce. You may not know what to do if your spouse wants a divorce, or how to bring it up if you do. When you think of the ramifications of divorce on your life and children, you know the stakes are too high to make the wrong decision. 

You might be obsessed with questions such as, “Do I really want a divorce? How do I know if my spouse really wants a divorce? Am I ready for a divorce? When will I know if I’m ready for a divorce? What matters most?

Endless contemplation can leave you exhausted, wondering if you are too clouded by emotion to decide on divorce, or too numb to stop it. Solving this problem becomes a problem of its own, and it’s like a nightmare.

This is where Denver Divorce Counseling Comes In.

Divorce Decision Counseling can be done with individuals or couples. The purpose of it is to:

  • Gain clarity and explore your complex feelings in a safe environment free from pressure.

Emotional pain and feeling exhausted, hopeless, or disconnected are NOT sure indicators that your relationship is over. This is the state of mind that many couples find themselves in when they come to therapy.  Alternatively, choosing to divorce is never easy, and never comes without pain. Our goal in counseling is to help you to discern whether it is right for you to stay or go. 

  • Understand each partner’s viewpoints and positions free from the merry-go-round discussions that happen at home.

As many as 40% of divorces have a mixed agenda couple, where one is leaning toward divorce and the other doesn’t want it. Couples who can move out of reactivity and engage in understanding and empathy can identify alternatives to divorce or have more amicable divorces that are healthier for children.

  • Decide Whether to Divorce, together. This means ending the limbo and committing to one of three options:

1. End the relationship with clarity and move forward with getting the guidance and support you need, knowing that this is the right decision.

2. Take divorce off the table for a time and commit to some form of work on the relationship before deciding.

3. Do nothing and continue the status quo until the next crisis.

What Does Divorce Decision Counseling Look Like?

We will meet and divide your time between together and separate discussions for 1-5 sessions. The length of time in treatment depends entirely on what’s going on and your shared decision to continue the process. I will help you sift through the baggage by asking question and providing you with feedback. By the end of your time, you’ll be able to choose a path and begin working toward it.

Divorce Decision Counseling is Not:

  • Working on fixing the relationship or delving into deep issues in a therapeutic way. This doesn’t mean that you don’t talk about the heart of the matter, just that you are exploring rather than repairing.
  • For couples where one partner has made a final and firm decision to leave the partnership and just really wants a therapist to help their spouse come to terms with it. This is also known as “dropping your spouse off at counseling.”
  • The counselor telling you whether you should get a divorce or not. I can help you sort out your reasons for wanting or not wanting a divorce. You ultimately decide whether to divorce. 
  • For couples who have a history of abusive or controlling behavior. This includes past protective orders or domestic violence counseling, regardless of whether you agree that the situation warranted the treatment. Please call and discuss your situation because we can help you with resources that do fit your situation if needed.

If You Decide to Divorce

Deciding to divorce is not a failure in Divorce Decision Counseling. Though my passion is in helping couples rebuild their marriages, I understand that divorce happens. Divorce support is an important part of the process, especially when children are involved. I can help you have better communication that is calmer and more focused on what’s important. I also help you to grieve the end of the relationship if you need to. Just because you are divorcing doesn’t mean that you don’t want to honor what you’ve created together and process the sadness and other intense emotions. I offer both individual and couples divorce counseling.

However, I am not a divorce coach, and cannot provide great divorce advice when it comes to the nitty-gritty legal process. The good news is that I do know of such people, and I’d be happy to refer you to other professionals who can help if we need to.

So What’s Next?

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