Are you Fed Up, Hurting, or Stuck in your Relationships?
Do you Just Want to Feel Better?
Counseling in Lakewood Can Help.

Relationships can feel overwhelming. No matter how hard you try, your relationships can still need help, and you can feel stuck.

Maybe you and your partner struggle to have the kind of fulfilling and loving relationship you want. You might have a really hard time pushing through the frustration to get on the same page in parenting.

If you are like most people, this could be dragging you down emotionally.  Maybe no matter what you do, your mind never relaxes. Or perhaps you just aren't yourself and are having a hard time keeping up.

This can be scary and make you worry that things are headed downhill. You may experience depression or anxiety, have worry, tension, stress, guilt, or suffer from "constant thinking."

This can really get in the way of having the life and relationships you deserve. 
If you are looking for counseling in Lakewood CO, you have come to the right place.

There is no secret. It isn't about just being positive or "stronger."

The truth is that you can quickly learn how to deal with what's getting in the way and become the kind of person or couple that you want to be.

We can help you and your family do this. Through clarity and renewed purpose, we can help you transform what you are going through into a path to growth and healing.

Counseling can radically change the way you relate to yourself and your family/spouse, helping you find hope and comfort in where you are going.

The therapists at A Peaceful Life Counseling in Lakewood CO have a depth of experience in helping people gain clarity and heal personal relationship problems.

We provide counseling therapy for individuals, couples, and families and specialize in difficulties with depression, anxiety, and relationships.

Explore Your Possibilities with a Complimentary Consultation

It’s a big step to finally reach out to a counselor, and I’d be honored to speak with you about how we can help. We offer a complimentary half-hour consultation where you can see what it would look like to open the door to profound possibilities in your life.

To schedule a consultation contact us or call (720) 443-1947 to chat. Consultations can be over the phone or at our counseling office in Lakewood, CO.

Our therapists offer counseling in Lakewood CO at 10th and Wadsworth, a very convenient location near 6th avenue. We are 10 minutes from Denver, and easily accessible from the towns of Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Golden.