A Peaceful Life Counseling provided me with a wonderful insight to a different kind of counseling service. I was very impressed about how comfortable they made me feel and the helpful guidance I was provided. Jake Hassey, DC, Hassey Family Chiropractic, a Wellness Partner

Having partnered with Kat with a mutual client, I had the opportunity to see her address hard topics with caring and warmth. Her assessments were insightful and showed an ability to grasp many facets of family dynamics. I also had the opportunity to be in two consultation groups with Kat, and always appreciated her grasp of theory and how to apply concepts in an artful way. Anyone would be blessed to work with such a wise, caring, and capable person! Tania Hendersen of Side by Side Counseling, a Wellness Partner

I don’t hesitate to refer clients to Kat because of her skills and training in mindfulness based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. But what I appreciate the most about Kat both as a therapist and as a person is that she’s a lot of fun to be around. If you are considering working with Kat, don’t wait another day. Call her now. Mike Gathers, LPC, a Wellness Partner

I have known Kat professionally since 2006. She is a sweet person and a very devoted social worker. She is very knowledgeable about social work issues and keeps up-to-date on the latest therapeutic techniques and interventions. Kat not only works to improve/resolve individual’s problems/issues through individual & family therapy, but she is also dedicated to educating the public on mental health issues. Kat is a great social worker and I am fortunate to have her as a friend and fellow Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Lisa M. Fredrickson, LCSW, LLC

As a therapist in the field, I have had the chance to work with Kat professionally and can say that she is experienced and thorough in her services. Kat is deeply invested in the wellness of her clients and provides them with quality therapeutic care. She is professional, timely, and stays relevant in the field of psychotherapy. A top-notch clinician! Jenny Glick, LMFT, Counseling Center of Cherry Creek, a Wellness Partner

I have known Kat professionally for over two years. We were in a consultation group together during that time and I had the opportunity to witness Kat’s deep commitment to her clients’ wellbeing and growth and she offered me valuable and well-informed ideas about how I can best support my clients as well. Kat is a motivated, inspiring clinician and business woman and is one of my first go-to’s when I need a referral for a great couples counselor and when I’m seeking expert consultation. Kat is an empathetic and passionate counselor and her mastery of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness skills shows in the success she has with helping clients move towards a meaningful life. I highly recommend her! Kate Daigle, LPC, a Wellness Partner

In my work experience with Kat, I found her to be a very positive, open-minded and down to earth person who has the ability to quickly connect with anyone she meets. She also has a fantastic sense of humor and a deep sense of empathy. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed. Anne M. Meyers, Former Coworker – Family Tree Counseling Psychology Student University of Colorado-Denver

I worked with Kat for several years at Synergy. She is very dedicated to being the best therapist she can be, which is an excellent one. She takes professional development seriously and works hard to use evidenced based/best practices. She is compassionate and caring. I can say without reservation that I believe Kat will benefit any organization or person that she works with. Michael Black, LCSW. Outpatient Therapist, University of Colorado-Denver Dept. of Psychiatry-Synergy Outpatient Services

I really enjoyed my time working with Kat. She has shown me how to be a therapist with both a head and a heart. Her dedication for her role and her clients was clearly evident by the way she worked with them. Yun Yan Wei, MSW. Outpatient Therapist, University of Colorado-Denver Dept. of Psychiatry-Synergy Outpatient Services

Kat is a very bright therapist who cares deeply about her clients. Jeff Randall, Psychologist, Medical University of South Carolina