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We pride ourselves in being easily accessible, and arranging couples and individual counseling online is easier than ever. You can book a session and fill out your Individual and Couples Counseling Forms online all before ever coming in. It’s our way of making sure that you can jump on the opportunity to begin your journey now.  No phone-tag with a therapist trying to get in to see them, no sitting in our waiting room for the first 20 precious minutes of your session getting a hand cramp. It’s easy to make therapy work for you, on your schedule.

Kat Mindenhall, LCSW

Owner/Director Kat Mindenhall has 10+ years of experience guiding couples through love’s toughest terrain with presence, humor, and skill.

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Polly Abernathy, LPCC

Polly is able to help clients with warmth and enthusiasm. She connects with millennials particularly well, and is available on several evenings and each Saturday.

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Marian Perry, Couples Therapy DenverMarian Perry, MA, CHT

Marian helps couples navigate their way back to each other with grounded presence and a wealth of knowledge.

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Shauna Cavalli, LPC

Shauna’s breadth of experience and wealth of knowledge guides her clients gently toward the change they want to make.

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Karen Michelson Couples Counseling

Karen Michelson, LPC

Karen’s gentle and playful presence creates comfort in the process of healing.

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