Polly Abernathy, MA, LPCC Couples and Individual Counselor
Polly Abernathy, MA, LPCC Couples and Individual Counselor

Polly Abernathy, LPCC

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As a Couples and Individual Counselor I will help you Communicate, Connect, and Ignite your Relationship and your Life.

After 15 years in the Business world, I felt like I was climbing the corporate ladder to nowhere. It felt hollow and I came to an understanding that transformed my life: Relationships are the source of our strength. The meaning of our lives finds purpose in our relationships. When we are connected, we can accomplish and enjoy what we work so hard for. As a Couples and Individual Counselor, I bring balance and synergy to who you are and how you love.

It’s an honor when couples let me into this most important part of their lives. To guide a couple through the pain that happens behind closed doors into greater joy and connection is my calling. I want you to feel understood, to see your strengths and have access to them. When couples can do that together, it’s an incredible journey. We’ll improve your communication as a couple, and you’ll experience new insights that help you become who you truly are. More connected, relaxed, and joyful.

I absolutely love being a Couples and Individual Counselor. With individuals, I enjoy exploring the things that feel stuck, messy, and confusing. I work with depression, anxiety, and navigating tough relationships when your partner isn’t ready for therapy. If you feel like your life looks great on paper but doesn’t feel great in reality, I invite you to dig deeper. I’ll create an open and comfortable atmosphere for you to get grounded and gain clarity.

I’ve been described as a kind, grounded, and knowledgeable, which are all qualities that I truly hope to embody in our work. I am an LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist and ally who understands the unique needs of the LGBTQ community, and I can help you create the sense of identity and partnership that you deserve within an inclusive and authentic environment.

If you are struggling with infidelity, trust issues, communication problems, work/life balance, chronic stress, depression, or perfectionism, please reach out to me for a complimentary half hour consultation. I am a Couples and Individual Counselor in Denver (Lakewood). [/two-thirds]


I am a Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate with a Masters in Counseling degree from the University of Colorado Denver with a focus on couples and family work. In my previous career in Business I received a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University.

And, as any good “Type A” person does when they make a career change, I made it my mission to strive for excellence in my clinical work. I have an active lifestyle and thrive on the intensity of pursuing my passions, and I love learning from experts in my field. I work from an attachment perspective, and I’m pursuing advanced training and certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy. I also provide therapy at the University of Colorado Denver Student and Community Counseling Center, in addition to wearing several hats here at A Peaceful Life Counseling Services.